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Mysterious $25 Cash BONUS OFFER Posted to My US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card

Good evening everyone.  A few days ago, my US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card statement closed and as I was looking through my statement, I noticed a $25 cash bonus listed in the rewards section.  Similar to finding money in your back pocket, I was immediately excited.  Where did this $25 come from?  Why was it given to me?  I tried to rack my brain, but couldn’t remember.

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Amazon Prime Day is Now Live at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Amazon Prime day is here! There are thousands of deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members (my referral link), and if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can start shopping early at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Monday, July 10. That’s today! New deals are announced as often as every five minutes.

Visit the official Amazon Prime Day page to find the best deals and promotions. I’m disappointed that neither of my two favorite items that I recommend and take on every trip are a Prime Day choice this year. Did you find good sale items or was it better last year? Let us know so we don’t miss out!

Amazon Prime Day is Tuesday (7/11), but Deals Start 6pm PT on Monday (7/10)

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day? Or are you wondering what Amazon Prime Day is? Well, I can tell you, it’s a lot more than just any old PRIME numbered day! It’s Tuesday, July 11. That’s when there are thousands of deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members (my referral link). However, NEW this year, Amazon Prime members can enjoy 30 hours of shopping starting early at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Monday, July 10. New deals are announced as often as every five minutes.

Starting a few days ago, you can visit the official Amazon Prime Day page where members can find promotions and deals every day leading up to Amazon Prime Day. Did you participate in Amazon Prime Day last year? I missed it, but this year, I’m getting ready early!

Reload your Amazon Gift Card Balance with Amazon Cash (+ $10 Promo Credit)

(Hat Tip to Doctor of Credit’s post: Free $10 Amazon Credit with $20 Amazon Cash Reload)

Good morning everyone!  A few days ago, Amazon introduced a new way to reload your Amazon gift card balance, called Amazon Cash.  Instead of buying an Amazon gift card in store, scratching off the code, and entering the code into your Amazon account, you can now create a specific barcode that will load money directly to your Amazon account.  Just show the barcode at the register of qualifying stores, pay for your purchase, and your gift card balance will be instantly updated.

If you act before July 31, 2017, you can get a $10 promo credit (that must be used before August 31, 2017) if you use your Amazon Cash barcode to load $20 or more.  One of the qualifying stores that accepts Amazon Cash is CVS, so I went to my local CVS and tried it out.  Here are the promo terms:

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My Hotel Pet Peeve: Bathrooms with no Towel Hooks/Racks (and my Simple Solution)

As I take a look at what I pack each time I take a trip, I realize that one item in particular is pretty weird. I figure if I take weird items when I travel, others must do the same thing. Grant isn’t very weird, so maybe I’m the weirdest member on the TWG team! The expression “misery loves company” doesn’t apply here, because after all, with the advantages we miles and points people have, what’s to feel miserable about? But it sure would help me feel better if I knew you all took some weird necessary items along with you when you travel :)

So I’ll start by telling you mine. For a while now, I’ve been mystified and frustrated by the bathroom designs I see in some hotels. It’s not one particular chain, and I even see this in boutique and one-off hotels. Why don’t they give us towel hooks in the bathrooms? Maybe even towel racks? Am I asking for too much here? What are they thinking I should do with my towels?

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