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2,000 Membership Reward Points Post Quickly for AT&T Small Business Wireless AMEX Offer

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  A few days ago, there was a great AMEX Offer that came out from AT&T Small Business Wireless where you could earn 2,000 Membership Reward Points for making a qualifying purchase of $200 or more.  To make the AMEX Offer even better, you could use that AMEX Offer up to 3 times per enrolled card and get up to 6,000 Membership Reward Points.  Frequent Miler and Doctor of Credit were the first I saw to cover the AMEX Offer.  Even though the AMEX Offer was only targeted to American Express business cards and supposed to be for business wireless purchases, I decided to see what would happen when I made a $200 payment to my AT&T Wireless account (I do use AT&T service for my blog).  If you are interested, here are the full AMEX Offer terms:

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5 Things to Experience in Slovenia: Caves, Parks, Fish Restaurants, Gelaterias & Milk Machines

If you’re looking for reasons not to love a place you’re visiting, sLOVEnia is not for you! After being there a week, which was not nearly enough, I kept looking for excuses to stay :) My visit came about rather oddly in that I was never planning to visit Slovenia. I had a trip planned to Italy, which I’d visited before, and this idea floated into my head. Since I was going back to Italy, maybe I should use the opportunity to visit a country I hadn’t been to before. But one not too far from Italy. That’s when the planning wheels started turning. Because I was starting my Italy trip in Venice, I looked at the map and noticed that Slovenia shared a border with Italy. Hmmm, interesting.

Then I remembered that Adam, over at Point me to the Plane, talked about his trip to Slovenia. He went there in 2013, so his wonderful impressions of Slovenia must have really stuck in my brain for me to recall it all in 2017! When I emailed Adam, all he could say was, “Just go, you’ll love it!” So I booked my trip! So now I’m paying Adam’s advice forward and telling you, “Just go, you’ll love it!”

When you read about Slovenia it always says its capital, Ljubljana, is a city made to the measure of man. It’s always interesting to me how places describe themselves. Not only is this way of describing Ljubljana totally true, it gives you a window into the energy and feeling of this city and its people. They are warm, friendly, full of life, and certainly living in a beautiful mid-sized city. Ljubljana lies between Venice and Vienna, which makes for an interesting mix of cultures and cuisines, though I found Slovenia to be uniquely its own place.

Without gushing too much about how wonderful this country is, I want to give you 5 ideas for what to do and see that, with the exception of one of them, won’t likely end up on any MUST SEE lists you’ll find online. I wrote a separate post on the coffee scene in Ljubljana – Shelli’s World Coffee Tour – Coffee Houses in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Part 1). Hint: if you drink coffee, you’re in for a real treat! Continue reading

Why I Make Kiva Loans & One Woman Brewing Change in Africa

Are you a supporter of Kiva loans? Many in the points and miles world are. Kiva, a micro loaning business, allows you to make loans, for as little as $25, to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. By using a credit card and Paypal, you load money to your Kiva account and then make loans. When the loans are paid back, you can always withdraw the funds or make new loans. In making these loans, miles and points are generated either by completing the minimum spend on a new credit card or by using credit cards you want to accrue miles/points on. Of course, your first priority should be your willingness to fund these loans. I find most miles/points folks do fund Kiva loans because they believe in Kiva and the concept of micro loans.

Kiva Loans Homepage

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My Missing Discover It Credit Card Apple Pay Promo Cash Back Just Posted (All $326 Worth)

Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few days ago, I received the following email from Discover titled “Important information from Discover” (could they think of a more generic title for an email?).  In the email, Discover said that they underpaid me for my participation in the Discover It Apple Pay promo from 2015.  In the email, Discover promised to award the missing cash back within the next 2 billing cycles.  Luckily for me, my cash back just posted… all $326 worth :)

Discover It Apple Pay Promo Email Announcement

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Gogo Devalues T-Mobile Free Hour In-Flight WiFi – now only Available on Domestic Flights

Buenos días everyone. On my last trip to the US, I tried to use the free hour of Gogo in-flight wifi access offered to T-Mobile customers, but couldn’t get the T-Mobile access banner to show up. When I reached out to their chat support team, I was told that the T-Mobile deal is not available on international flights on American Airlines. This was surprising to me, since I’ve taken advantage of it in the past on flights between the US and Mexico City – I thought perhaps this was standard language to keep passengers from expecting to find free wifi on transatlantic and transpacific flights, which mostly use Panasonic Avionics wifi instead of Gogo wifi. However, when I looked at Gogo’s FAQ page, there’s a section that explicitly defines the offer as being available for Gogo-equipped domestic flights:

We are giving all customers on a T-Mobile branded plan a free hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on your smartphone. This free hour cannot be used with a laptop or tablet. It works on ALL Gogo-equipped domestic flights. That’s on top of the free in-flight texting we introduced last year, which now includes free in-flight messaging with iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Viber—with more on the way.

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