New AMEX Offers: Staples, TurboTax, & Cruise Lines; US Bank FlexPerks & Club Carlson Targeted Spending Offers

Good afternoon everyone.  American Express added a few new AMEX Offers over the last few days.  The offers include Staples, TurboTax, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Porsche Design.  Receive a 5% statement credit at Staples or after spending $100 or more.  This is not any better than the Chase Ink Bold/Plus Business Credit Cards, but I suppose if you have already maxed out the $50,000 yearly cap on your Chase Ink card, you may be interested in this AMEX Offer.

Staples AMEX Offer

After you enroll all your eligible AMEX cards, you will receive a bunch of enrollment emails from American Express explaining how to shop at Staples and earn cash back via a statement credit.  Too much hand holding from Staples and AMEX for me.

Staples AMEX Offer Enrollment Email

Here are the remaining AMEX Offers that I found today:

  • TurboTax: Up to $20 off
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: $100 off $500
  • Carnival Cruise Line: $75 off $250
  • Porsche Design: $50 off $250

In other news, US Bank has released a few (targeted?) spending offers for some of their credit cards.  I received an offer in the mail to earn up to 3,500 bonus FlexPoints on my US Bank FlexPerks Visa Signature Credit Card.  To max out this promo, let’s do some math.  3,500 total bonus points / 4 bonus points per dollar = $875 + $500 minimum spend to trigger the bonus = $1,375 total spend would earn 3,500 FlexPoints + (500 x whatever spend category you used).  If you spent the full $1,375 at a 2x category (gas, grocery or airfare), you would earn a total of 3,500 + 1,000 = 4,500 FlexPoints, which is worth up to $90 in airfare.  $90 / $1,375 = ~6.5% cash back for this promo.

US Bank FlexPerks Mail Promo 3-2-2016

If you didn’t receive the offer in the mail, you should be able to log into your FlexPerks promo portal and view this offer.  The details are the same as the mailer, but you can easily enroll with one click online.

Bonus FlexPerks Offer 3-2-2016

I also received an offer on my US Bank Club Carlson Business Credit Card to earn bonus Club Carlson points.  Let’s do some math to see if the offer is worthwhile.  5,000 bonus Club Carlson Points / 5 bonus points per dollar = $1,000 + $2,000 minimum spend to trigger the bonus.  Since the US Bank Club Carlson Business Credit Card earns a base 5x on all spend (10x on Club Carlson stays), the number of Club Carlson points that you earn is going to be a lot.  ($2,000 x 5x = 10,000 Club Carlson Points) + ($1,000 x 5x = 5,000 Club Carlson Points) + (5,000 bonus Club Carlson Points) = 20,000 Club Carlson Points total for spending $3,000 on the US Bank Club Carlson Business Credit Card.  20,000 Club Carlson Points has a very subjective value depending on where and when you use Club Carlson Points.  At the extreme end, 20,000 Club Carlson points could be worth around $200 (more like ~$100 though).  $200 / $3,000 = ~6.7% cash back or $100 / $3,000 = ~3.3% cash back.  Since I am not really interested in earning more Club Carlson Points, I am going to pass on this offer.

US Bank Club Carlson Mail Promo 3-2-2016

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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