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Barclays Wyndham Rewards Credit Cards: Business Earner CC Online Portal & Personal Earner Plus Upgrade Offer

Good afternoon everyone.  I just received this email from Barclays regarding my Barclays Wyndham Rewards Earner Business Credit Card.  Beginning on August 15, 2021, you will now be able to access your credit card on the Barclays App and on the BarclaysUS.com, along with all of your other Barclays credit cards.  There are a few steps you might need to do first after August 15, so read on to find out.  I also discovered that there is an upgrade offer from the old no annual fee Barclays Wyndham Rewards Visa Credit Card to the $75 annual fee Barclays Wyndham Rewards Earner Plus Credit Card.

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My AMEX Offer, Chase Offer, and BofA BankAmeriDeals Loading Strategy & Thoughts

Good afternoon everyone.  I’m a big fan of good AMEX Offers and Chase Offers, but I have received a ton of bad offers lately, so I wanted to share my loading strategy and thoughts.  I will also briefly cover Bank of America BankAmeriDeals at the end of this post.  Let’s get started with AMEX Offers.  I created this chart to divide up AMEX Offers into 4 separate buckets:

  • Good offers on all cards
  • Good offers on 1 card
  • Bad offers on all cards
  • Bad offers on 1 card

Unfortunately, most of the recent AMEX Offers fall into the “Bad offers on all cards” and “Bad offers on 1 card” buckets.  You will have to decide for yourself what you consider a good AMEX Offer vs. a bad AMEX Offer.  A good AMEX Offer is an offer that I don’t need to go out of my way to research or use.  A bad AMEX Offer requires a lot of research to look up the store or service, see what they sell, and figure out if it is worth the price.  I don’t spend much time with bad AMEX Offers.

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How I Messed up the $20 Dining Credit on my AMEX Hilton Aspire

Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well.  One of the current card benefits of the American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Credit Card is the $20 monthly dining credit.  Unfortunately I ran into an issue using this card benefit in April on 2 restaurant purchases (In N Out Burger and Panera Bread).  As you can see, I never received the $20 dining credit for my April purchases, but I did receive the credit automatically in May, June, and July.  Based on my transactions, the $20 dining credit posts ~3 days after the restaurant charge posts to your account.  I contacted AMEX on May 1 and again on July 13 to check on the status of the dining credit and received conflicting answers.  Here is what I was told and what I learned…

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American Express Business Platinum Card Changes: $179 CLEAR Credit & Centurion Lounge Guest Access Policy

Good morning everyone, I hope your Fourth of July weekend is going well.  I know there has been a lot of news this week about the American Express Platinum Cards, but I still wanted to share the details of the changes that were posted to my American Express Business Platinum Card.  I don’t have any other varieties or flavors of Platinum Cards, so I am not sure if these changes apply to all Platinum Cards or only to the Business Platinum Card.  To start, American Express is revising / clarifying the language regarding additional card members and how refunds are handled if you cancel an authorized user / employee card.  These changes mention the Cardmember Agreement which can be found here, then click on Small Business Cards, and then click on the Business Platinum Card.

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Track Down Missing $200 Statement Credit on Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card (6 Month Saga)

Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well.  As part of my October 2020 App-O-Rama, I applied for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card on October 25, 2020.  At the time, the credit card was offering 40,000 Alaska Airlines Miles, a $99 Companion Fare, and a $200 statement credit after spending $2,000 in 3 months.  Long story short, I completed the $2,000 minimum spend requirement on December 14, 2020, and received the 40,000 Alaska Airlines Miles and $99 Companion Fare on January 6, 2021, but the $200 statement credit was nowhere to be seen (or spent).  I then spent the next 6 months waiting and following up with Bank of America regarding the $200 statement credit.  This post documents the timeline of events.

As part of my application process for any new credit card or bank account, I take screenshots of the offer and terms & conditions just in case I do not receive the bonus as promised.  Here is the screenshot of the Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card that I applied for on October 25, 2020.

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