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Comparing Alaska Airlines, British Airways & Qatar Airways Award Prices for 2 Finnair Flights (DUB-HEL & HEL-ARN)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  Last week on the Miles to Memories Podcast, I mentioned my upcoming Summer trip with Laura to Dublin, Helsinki, and Stockholm. I wanted to share my award booking strategy for 2 flights: Finnair flight from Dublin to Helsinki (DUB-HEL) and Finnair flight from Helsinki to Stockholm (HEL-ARN).

I found these flights using the Point.me award search tool and saw that there were many different airline programs that could book the same award.  So which airline program was best?  Spoiler alert: no single airline program was best for all economy and business class awards, but I will show you the various options available for each flight and tell you which program I picked for each flight.

Flight 1: Finnair from Dublin to Helsinki (DUB-HEL), 3 hour flight

I picked a random date in the Summer (June 5) and the flight was 257.64 EUR ($276.43 USD) for economy and 297.64 EUR ($319.35 USD) for business class.  I didn’t pick the cheapest option since I will have more than 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds) of carry on bags and would need to check a bag.

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Payment Posts Instantly when you Pay Bilt Credit Card via Wells Fargo Checking Account

Good afternoon everyone.  A few weeks ago, I wrote I Finally Got A Bilt Credit Card (Application Process, Earning & Redeeming Strategy, and Unboxing).  In that post, I shared that I was excited that I was approved for the Bilt Credit Card (my referral link) but confused why I was only approved for a $4,000 credit limit since I applied for 2 other credit cards afterward and was approved for a $22,000 credit limit on a Bank of America Air France / KLM Credit Card and a $17,200 credit limit on a Barclays JetBlue Plus Credit Card.  I knew with a $4,000 credit limit, it was going to be impossible challenging to spend $12,500 in the first 5 days in order to receive the maximum 50,000 bonus Bilt Points for new card members.

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Bilt Rewards: Earn 900 Points for Linking All 9 Airline & Hotel Accounts to the App [Updated]

Updated at 1pm PT on 12/16/21: According to Richard Kerr (Director of Travel Rewards at Bilt Rewards): “looks like we have an out of date email going out; you earn 100 miles per account you link for each of our 7 airline and 2 hotel partners for a total of 900 points.”  Based on that info, you can link all 9 of Bilt Rewards current airline and hotel partners to earn a total of 900 points.  Richard also said: “More ways to earn points without the card coming soon – but we hope you’ll get the card.”  I’m looking forward to seeing the future earning opportunities with Bilt Rewards.

Good afternoon everyone.  A few days ago, I signed up for the Bilt Rewards program (even though I do not have an apartment or pay rent).  Bilt Rewards allows you to earn points for paying rent, but you can also earn points with the Bilt Rewards Credit Card (read Frequent Miler’s review).  If you are new to Bilt Rewards, you can sign up with Frequent Miler’s code to skip the waitlist (FM4BILT).  Once you sign up, download the Bilt Rewards app (iOS and Android).  There is currently a promo where you can earn 300 points for linking your America Airlines, Emirates, and Hawaiian Airlines accounts to the app.  The points post instantly, but you need a minimum of 1,000 points to transfer to an airline partner.

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