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About Caroline Lupini

Caroline absolutely loves to travel. She's been to 70 countries so far and is on a quest to visit them all! Frequent flyer miles help her get there. Find her at, on Twitter @carolinelupini, and on Instagram @caroline.lupini.

PSA: You Don’t Need to Decline Insurance for Credit Card Car Rental Coverage to Apply

One of my favorite benefits of many credit cards is that they offer car rental insurance coverage. Exact details vary by card, but no matter how you look at it, it’s a money saver if you rent cars, even just occasionally. One of the requirements in order to take advantage of your credit card car rental insurance coverage is that you need to decline the coverage offered by the car rental company. In practice, this is usually pretty straightforward, but some countries have the insurance built into the car rental rate due to legal requirements. One such example is Italy.

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Caroline Lupini: An Introduction

Well, in typical Caroline fashion, I got too excited about writing a travel related post and completely forgot to introduce myself!

So hey, nice to meet you!

I’ve been around the points and miles world for a while, so perhaps you’ve seen my name somewhere. I used to write a blog on Boarding Area called Point Princess, but I wanted to expand my blogging topics beyond points and miles, so I started an über creatively named site called Caroline Lupini.

Since then, I definitely haven’t slowed down on the points and miles writing, but I’ve also had some fun writing a few destination pieces too.

Overall, my goal is to travel as much as I can. I have the luxury of working online, so I spend about half of the year outside of the U.S. I’ve been to 70 countries so far, and I hope to one day visit them all. I really enjoy off-the-beaten-path destinations like Iraqi Kurdistan, Algeria, and Myanmar, and I’m super excited about my upcoming trip to Iran!

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PSA: Be Careful When Modifying Existing IHG Hotel Bookings

With two solid IHG Accelerate Offers this year, IHG has once again become my go-to hotel chain. It helps that I’ve also pretty much given up on maintaining hotel status. Since the IHG Q3 promotion just launched a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been front loading my stays so I don’t have to scramble like I did at the last minute for the Q2 promotion. Now, for the word of warning…

I had originally booked a one night stay for four people near Milan’s Malpensa Airport (MXP) due to early morning flights. At the last minute, it turned out that our group size decreased by one. In Europe especially, it is very common for hotels to charge an additional fee for more than two adults staying in the same room. In this case of the Holiday Inn Express MXP, it’s a whopping 20 Euros per person, per night extra. Clearly, we didn’t want to pay that extra fee for the guest who was no longer going to be staying with us in the hotel!

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