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My Wild and Crazy 2022 Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions

Good morning everyone, happy New Year’s Eve Eve (emphasis on the extra Eve).  Yesterday, I wrote about my dismal prediction performance (I didn’t predict I would do so poorly – another wrong prediction of mine) in my post How Right (or Wrong) were my 2021 Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions?  My new crystal ball just arrived from Amazon, so I am going to put it to the ultimate test and I’ll provide my 2022 airline, hotel, and credit card predictions.  I’m guaranteed to get between 0% and 100% correct, but only time will tell…

My 2022 Airline Predictions

  • Alaska Airlines or Southwest Airlines will bring back their “convert travel funds to airline miles” feature.
  • American Airlines will return as a Citi ThankYou Points airline transfer partner.
  • Avianca will give Turkish Airlines a run for their money for domestic Star Alliance awards.
  • British Airways will let you use Avios to pay the taxes, fees, and fuel surcharge portion of award tickets.
  • Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, or United Airlines will introduce a “Miles and Cash” payment option for award tickets (pay 10,000 miles or pay 8,000 miles + $40).
  • JetBlue will partner with another US airline for award bookings.
  • United Airlines will be a transfer partner with Brex, Citi, or American Express.

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Targeted Referral Offer for Discover It: $100 Sign Up Bonus & $100 Referral Bonus ($500 Referral Max)

Updated at 1pm PT on 12/16/21: Updated my Discover It Credit Card link with a new $100 referral link.

Good afternoon everyone.  This morning, I received an email from Discover regarding a targeted referral bonus on the Discover It Credit Card.  If you received this email, you can create a special referral link that has a $100 sign up bonus after first purchase and you will also receive a $100 referral bonus.  The standard offer is $50 for both the sign up bonus and referral bonus, so this is an increased offer that is good through December 31, 2021.  The subject line is “Special offer: $100 for you, share Discover with a friend.”  If you didn’t receive the email, you can see if you are targeted by signing in here and going to the referral page.

Here are the terms and conditions from the bottom of the email.  You can earn a maximum of $500 in referral rewards.

1. You will receive a $100 statement credit referral reward if your friend applies for the specific offer you send via the link provided and is approved now through December 31, 2021. During the offer period you may earn a maximum of $500 in referral rewards. You are not eligible to refer a friend if you have a Discover it® Secured Credit Card, or Discover it® Business Card. Your account must be in good standing to receive your referral reward. Each eligible friend will receive a $100 statement credit after making a purchase that posts to their account within three months of opening a new Discover account. Existing Discover cardmembers and those who have opted out of receiving marketing communications from Discover are not eligible referrals. You will not be notified whether a specific referral was approved or declined. Please allow up to 1-2 billing periods for the statement credit to post to your account after each referral is approved. Statement Credits you receive may be taxable to you. Please contact your tax advisor. Offer may not be combined with any other introductory offer.

If you are targeted for the $100 sign up bonus and referral bonus offer, you will see the message that says “Refer a friend and get a $100 statement.”  You can copy your unique referral link or send an email from that page.

When your referee clicks the link, they will see the message at the top of the application that shows the $100 sign up bonus after first purchase.

If you are not eligible for the increased referral offer, you will see the standard $50 refer a friend offer.  I have 2 Discover It Credit Cards and one has the $50 offer and the other has the $100 offer.  The links are unique.

If you are interested in this credit card, here is my referral link that has the $100 sign up bonus after first purchase.  I think I can refer more than 5 people, but I will only earn the $100 referral bonus on the first 5 approvals (due to the $500 referral maximum).  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  If you are targeted for this offer, please feel free to post your referral link in the comments section too.  Have a great day everyone!

On My Mind: Which Credit Card Do You Use When You Don’t Know The Bonus Category?

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great Super Bowl Weekend.  A few days ago, when I was reviewing my recent credit card statements and I spotted a few purchases that did not earn bonus points.  I assumed the purchases would code as a restaurant, so I used my American Express Gold Card, but to my surprise, the purchases did not code as a restaurant (and I only earned 1x on the purchases).  This led me down a rabbit hole where I pondered similar situations like:

  • A restaurant located inside a hotel (would it code as a restaurant or hotel purchase?)
  • A restaurant that was located on a golf course (would it code as a restaurant or golf course purchase?)
  • A café located inside a bookstore (would it code as a restaurant or a bookstore?)
  • And so on and so on…

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My Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2020

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  Every year, I like to check out my stats from Google Analytics to see which blog posts were the most popular.  I created 2 lists by looking at all blog posts written in 2020 and then I looked at which posts were read the most in 2020, but written in a previous year (#stayingpower).  I will list the blog posts from top to bottom based on pageviews, share the original published date, and provide a short summary of each blog post.  If you are curious, here were the most popular posts from 2019, 20182017, and 2016.

2020’s Most Read Posts (Written in 2020)

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Reviewing my Embarrassingly Wrong 2020 Travel Predictions

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend and a Merry Christmas (if you celebrated the holiday).  Since 2020 is almost over (thank goodness!), let’s review My Wildly Ambitious 2020 Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions.  To be honest, I totally forgot that I wrote this post and I haven’t looked at it since it was published on December 30, 2019.  Here is what I wrote last year for my predictions and my thoughts on each prediction (correct in green and wrong in red):

My 2020 Airline Predictions

  • Alaska, American, Delta, or United will introduce a “Cash and Miles” payment option for award tickets. Clarification: This is not to be confused with Delta’s “Pay with Points” option where you get 1 CPP for each Delta SkyMiles for paid flights. I’m thinking more along the lines of the way British Airways and Avianca do it for award tickets.  No?  I haven’t booked any airline tickets in 9+ months, but I don’t think this prediction came true.
  • Allegiant Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Sun Country will announce a merger, but I’m not sure who will merge with who.  No, there were no airline mergers in 2020 among these airlines, but I expect to see some mergers of domestic and international airlines next year.

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