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PSA: You Cannot Use AA Gift Certificates for American Airlines Basic Economy Tickets [Partially True]

Updated 3:30pm PT on 2/8: I just received an update from Brant, here is what he said:

After another lengthy phone call to AA, turns out that the agent I originally talked to yesterday was only half correct. You CAN use GC’s to buy a basic economy fare, which I was told you could not. However, you cannot use residual funds from a canceled ticket purchased with a GC to book another flight in a lower category. The original tickets were in economy and I was trying to use the funds for basic economy. The original agent assumed that this restriction applied to using GC’s to make a basic economy ticket from the start. In other words, bad information.

Sorry for the misinformation everyone  it looks like you can use AA gift cards to buy American Airlines basic economy tickets, but only if the AA funds do not come from a regular American Airlines economy ticket  I hope that makes sense.

Good morning everyone, I just received a Facebook message from my friend, Brant, that I wanted to share with everyone (he said it would be helpful for others to know).  Here is what Brant said:

So, I just got off the phone with American Airlines and after a 30 minute ordeal I discovered something interesting that you might want to write on your blog for those who have been collecting AA gift certificates. I have around $2,700 worth of certificates that I bought using airline credit on AMEX Plat, Chase Sapphire Reserve, etc. Anyway, you cannot purchase a “basic economy” tickets using gift certificates. No way, no how, period even if you have status with AA. Just an interesting but aggravating fact you might want to mention.

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OC Travel Hackers Meetup Saturday, February 3 @ 12pm at In-N-Out (Tustin District)

Good afternoon everyone.  I will be flying down to Orange County this weekend to watch the Super Bowl with my family, so I decided to do a travel hackers meetup on Saturday afternoon.  If you are free this Saturday, I would love to meet you and talk travel, miles and points, MS, and politics blogging.

  • Where: 2895 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782 (Google Maps)
  • When: Saturday, February 3 @ 12-2PM

In-N-Out Tustin District Map

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[Winners Announced] Amazon eGift Card Giveaway: What are your MLK Jr. Weekend Plans?

Updated 2:45pm PT on 1/23: Sorry for the delay, here are the 3 winners of a $10 Amazon eGift Card.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.  I hope you all had a great MLK Jr. Weekend :)

m r a h i grew up in memphis, tn. whenever i go by the lorraine motel, i always wonder how the world might be different had the tragedy of april 4, 1968 never happened. but…it happened. his legacy lives on. i wish he had lived on. whenever anyone sees the full spectrum of colors in a rainbow, it’s a special moment. i wish it could be that way with colors of skin.
todd s. I am going to volunteer at the La Regional Food Bank in honor of MLK!
Art Doing needed yard work, watching NFL playoffs, & planning trip to France.

Good afternoon, happy Friday!  While I am enjoying my Central / South America trip, I wanted to see what you guys are up to this MLK Jr. Weekend.  Since Monday is MLK Jr. holiday, I have the day off at work.  Since my work is paying me not to work, I love to travel on my paid holidays!

Whether you are going on an epic trip like myself, hanging out at home with your kids, or enjoying the weather, I want to know!  I will pick 3 winners and send them a $10 Amazon eGift Card.  To be eligible for the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me about your MLK Jr. Weekend plans.  You must leave a comment before 11:59pm PT on Monday, January 15.  Winners will be selected sometime on Tuesday, January 16 and I will email them a $10 Amazon eGift Card.  Thank you to everyone who participates in the giveaway and save travels!

MLK Statue in Washington, DC. Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492722015455335079/

Most of my 2017 Travel Predictions Were Wrong (Who Could Have Predicted That?)

Good morning everyone, happy almost New Years Eve.  Earlier this month, Doctor of Credit wrote how bad travel bloggers are at making predictions (I came in last at 33% correct), but he only reviewed our credit card predictions.  I made a lot of other predictions in January 2017, so let’s see how good or bad my predictions were.  I covered airlines, hotels, credit cards, and MS.  I will put my thoughts in bold at the end of each prediction.


  • Southwest seems bent on making the Companion Pass very difficult to get unless you fly Southwest every week.  I believe credit card signup bonuses will no longer count toward the Companion Pass and Southwest might kill the whole concept of the Companion Pass entirely or switch to a certificate program similar to the Alaska Airlines companion fare or Virgin America companion ticket.  Southwest Airlines did eliminate hotel transfers counting toward the Companion Pass, but credit card spend and sign up bonuses still count toward the Companion Pass.  I am also the proud companion on my girlfriend’s Companion Pass.
  • Other airline credit cards will adopt the Alaska Airlines companion fare (you pay full price and your companion pays up to $120) or the Virgin America companion ticket (you pay full price and your companion pays full price minus $150).  No, I don’t think any other airline added a companion fare as a credit card benefit.
  • American will introduce a basic economy fare class to compete/copy Delta and United.  Yes, I got this one right!
  • Alaska Airlines will introduce a new level of elite status (maybe MVP Gold 100K?)  No, Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K is still the highest elite level.
  • More airlines will get away from the 12,500 one way domestic ticket and start to introduce 5,000, 7,500, and 10,000 mile awards.  Yes, I think Alaska Airlines announced cheaper awards on shorter flights.
  • British Airways will kill the 4,500 Avios award band globally and possibly remove one of their lower award tiers.  No, 4,500 British Airways Avios tier is still available outside the US.
  • Singapore Airlines will allow us to book Star Alliance awards online, rather than calling in.  Partially true, but not rolled out completely.
  • Hawaiian Airlines will get bought by a low cost airline, Southwest Airlines or JetBlue.  No, no one bought Hawaiian Airlines.
  • We will see 1 or 2 more mileage matching promos, this time from a big legacy airline.  No, no mileage matching promo like the JetBlue / Virgin America match last year.
  • My ~20,000 Spirit Airlines miles will expire and I won’t care.  Sort of, my Spirit Airlines miles did expire, but I still shed 1 tear.

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What was your Favorite Blog Post Over Thanksgiving Weekend?

What was your favorite blog post from any blogger you’ve read over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend? My choice may strike you as odd, because I’m picking one from Nick at Frequent Miler. He writes about things to keep in mind while shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Why is that an odd choice for me? I’m not much of a shopper on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In fact, people say I’m a retailer’s nightmare because I’m not much of a shopper at all :) So it seems odd to pick this post as my favorite because I’m not AT ALL who Nick is writing for. And yet I really loved his post. It reminded me that while I spent Black Friday with family and wasn’t online much if at all, and Cyber Monday was a travel day for me, many days of the year are good bargain hunting days! That FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) evaporated when I read his post. If I ever do become more of a shopper and put myself in the frenzy of holiday shopping, I can reread Nick’s post to remind myself just how to best approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

What was your favorite blog post of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend? Let me know!