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My Virgin America / Hawaiian Airlines Award Ticket Disaster

Good morning everyone.  Last week, I wrote this post: PSA: Check Existing Reservations for “Silent” Schedule Changes.  In that post, I talked about checking existing reservations to confirm flight times.  Sometimes, airlines make schedule changes, sometimes airlines will email you to tell you about the schedule changes, and sometimes airlines silently make schedule changes and do not inform passengers.  I, unfortunately, found myself in the last category recently with an intra island Hawaiian Airlines flight.

My girlfriend and I had a flight that was originally scheduled to depart at 1:03pm, but the new flight time was 2:41pm.  If we had booked a paid ticket, we could have easily called Hawaiian Airlines, explained that we needed to be on an earlier flight, and switched to the 12:31pm flight.  Unfortunately, I booked the flight with 3,000 Virgin America miles + $5.60 in taxes/fees per person.  But the really unfortunate thing is that since Alaska Airlines and Virgin America merged, Virgin America and Hawaiian Airlines are no longer partners, so they cannot book new award flights or modify existing reservation.

Long story short, Virgin America is no longer a partner of Hawaiian Airlines, so they cannot modify an existing Hawaiian Airlines reservation.  Likewise, since the tickets were booked through Virgin America, Hawaiian Airlines was not able to make any changes to the reservation.  I would call one airline, explain the situation, and they would tell me to call the other airline.  I bounced back an forth a few times, growing more and more frustrated.  I ended up spending 3-4 hours on the phone with various agents from Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America, and Alaska Airlines before I finally received a refund of my miles.  In this post, I will share the information I learned and the steps I took to fix this situation.

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PSA: Check Existing Reservations for “Silent” Schedule Changes

Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I wrote this post: PSA: Check Existing Airline Confirmations for Cancelled Flights a Few Days Before Travel.  In that post, I talked about checking existing flights to make sure your flights weren’t cancelled.  Then yesterday, I had a similar situation regarding my Lihue (LIH) to Maui (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines flight.  Even though the flight was not cancelled, there was a schedule change of more than 1.5 hours.  Schedule changes happen, I’m not (that) mad about that, but what really annoys me is when I do not receive an email alert regarding the schedule change.  How difficult is it to send an automated email about a schedule change?

Let me back up a little bit and explain how I found out about this schedule change.  Every Tuesday morning, Southwest Airlines sends out an email about their latest sale.  I then check all my existing Southwest Airlines flights for price drops (pretty rare these days) and rebook any flights that drop in price.  I usually only check Southwest Airlines, but I decided to check all my upcoming flights to see if there were any schedule or routing changes.  When I checked this Hawaiian Airlines reservation, I was surprised to see the 1.5+ hour schedule change.  I immediately called Hawaiian Airlines to see if they could move me to an earlier flight because I am connecting to an Alaska Airlines flight from Maui (OGG) to Oakland (OAK) and this schedule change made my connection very tight.

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Enter Hawaiian Airlines’ Relaxcation Sweepstakes: Win 140,000 Hawaiian Miles (Ends Tomorrow 2/28)

It’s fun when there’s a chance, even a slim one, of going to Hawaii on someone else’s dime. Going to Oahu AND staying at a beautiful hotel in the heart of Waikiki is even better! The Moana Surfrider is an icon in Waikiki. Over the years, it has gone through some renovations inside and out, and though I don’t care for some of the changes to the grounds and landscaping, I certainly wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to stay here. The Moana Surfrider has my favorite coffee place right next door, and many of my favorite places to eat on Oahu are within walking distance. So enter this contest and good luck, everyone!

Hawaiian Airlines Announced New Routes from the West Coast

It’s NEVER the wrong time to think about booking a flight to Hawaii! And if Hawaiian Airlines has its way, we’ll be booking flights on their airline because they’ve just announced some new routes. I usually fly on Alaska Airlines when I go to Hawaii, but Hawaiian’s new routes have me looking more closely at their schedule. Especially if next Summer is an option for your Hawaii vacation plans, take a look at what they’re offering! And don’t forget to check out our Top Rewards cards to boost your points earning and travel more!

Image source: https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/

Hawaiian Airlines Winter Sale Ends Tomorrow! Fares Starting at $397 Roundtrip

It used to be that any roundtrip fare under $300 from the west coast to Hawaii was an amazing deal. That dates me, for sure. Then it was any RT fare under $350 was “the deal”. Now it’s a fare under $400 that gets you thinking about jumping on board and heading to the islands. There are three times of the year I think are best to get away to Hawaii. Crowds have thinned out and prices have come down. This sale speaks to one of those times: after the New Year and before spring break. The good deals are mainly from the west coast cities to Maui and Oahu.

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