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Misleading Park Hyatt 3rd Night or 4th Night Free Ad in Departures Magazine (Warning: Rant)

When I feel a rant coming on, at first I second guess myself. Is what I’m experiencing really rant worthy? Would other people rant about this too? Once I’ve answered YES to those 2 questions, I rant :) So here we go. Oh Hyatt, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. But this week, you’re making me mad! Maybe I’ve misread you or misunderstood your intention, but I don’t think so. And now I’m asking our readers to back me up or tell me I’m wrong. We shall see.

It all started when my Departures Magazine came. I was flipping through it and noticed a Hyatt ad for their Park Hyatt hotels. You all know I love the Park Hyatt properties and this year alone I had two amazing Park Hyatt stays (Buenos Aires and Milan). So of course the ad caught my eye. What really caught my attention was that the ad was a Special Offer for a complimentary third or fourth night at participating Park Hyatt hotels. Hmm, this could be a chance to plan a trip to try some Park Hyatt’s I haven’t stayed at yet.

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Are You A Semper Gumby Traveler?

If you travel enough, there are times when all goes wrong. Heck, even if you travel once in awhile, all going wrong is still possible. And then of course there are varying degrees of all going wrong! No matter what, though, flexibility can save your trip. I think we’d all agree that travel tests your mindset. Have you heard the phrase “Semper Gumby”? It’s a take-off on the Marine Corp slogan “Semper Fi”. Semper Gumby translates to “always flexible” because it relates to the animated character Gumby. I love this phrase and it’s become my travel motto. No matter what trip I’m planning, I spend a lot of time thinking and planning the trip. And yet, many times the trip won’t go exactly as planned. I find that my Semper Gumby mindset definitely increases the likelihood that I’ll still have a positive experience.

There actually is a logo of Semper Gumby! Image source: http://bootcamp4me.org/forum/off-duty/general-discussion-room/funny-stuff/342-semper-gumby

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Marriott 2018 Changes: Rollover Nights, Status Buy Back & New Hertz Benefits

Marriott is making changes for 2018 that are worth noting! Being able to rollover nights in excess of our elite requirements is a great benefit of some hotel chains. But now with Marriott, we’ll have to track nights more closely! Going forward, in 2018 our excess nights earned will no long roll forward into 2019. It was great while it lasted! Do you track your hotel nights closely? If not, and you’re a Marriott loyalist, will you start keeping closer tabs on qualifying nights, or does this change not matter much in your hotel choice patterns?

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Come Say Hi to Grant this Weekend at FTU Travel Expo / Signature in Chicago

Good morning everyone, happy Friday. I hope you all have excited weekend plans. If your weekend plans involve going to Frequent Traveler University (FTU) Travel Expo or Signature in Chicago, come say hi to me. I will be walking around the FTU Travel Expo for a few hours on Saturday (11/18) and attending the FTU Signature presentations on Saturday and Sunday (11/18-11/19).

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Great Hotel Deals to Book NOW!

Who doesn’t like a good deal on hotels? Although there are many sites to use for checking on deals, one site we like, has come up with an great new idea for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hotel Deals. For the first time, they have created a comprehensive listing of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals around the world. They’re listing everything they can find, including details on some deals that were leaked to them that have not yet been publicly released. And they are updating this list daily and expect it to grow to 250 total deals by the end of Cyber Monday.

There are way too many deals to mention here, but a few things that caught my eye. Many of the deals are for stays as far out as March 2018. Some of them, like this one at Legoland in San Diego, can include admission to theme park. If you’re in the hotel booking mood, want to get some deals, and are ready to book hotels during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, give this website a look! Maybe you’ll see the perfect deal for you and your family and friends!