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​Salar de Uyuni: Bolivia’s Magical, Mirror-like Salt Flat Oasis (2018 Dakar Rally & Crazy Photos)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading about the cable cars (Mi Teleférico) in La Paz, Bolivia. Luckily, the Salar de Uyuni salt flats are way more amazing than the cable cars. I have several photos at the bottom of this post that will have you scratching your head, saying, “How did they do that?!” In this post, I will share the details and cost of our guided tour, show what was provided by the tour and share some of my favorite photos from the salt flats. Let’s go!

We took off from La Paz International Airport (LPB) on a cold, cloudy morning with snow covered mountain peaks in the distance.

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Riding the Cable Cars (Mi Teleférico) Around La Paz, Bolivia for Under $3

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. On Saturday, I flew back home from Liberia, Costa Rica after a short, but relaxing stay at the Andaz Papagayo Resort (3 blog posts coming regarding the room, the resort and the food).  I am also working on a few blog posts about cable cars in La Paz (pss, it is this post), the salt flats at Salar de Uyuni, the Courtyard Marriott Guatemala City, the Guatemala City Zoo, the Sheraton Presidente San Salvador, my volcano and papusas tour in San Salvador, sleeping in the Managua (MGA) airport because I was not allowed to enter Nicaragua without a Yellow Fever Vaccine (YFV), my short 14 seater Lacsa flight from San Jose (SJO) to Liberia (LIR), and a PSA on why you should check your existing flights a few days before departure. Phew, that’s a lot of blogging to do over the next few days, but I hope you will enjoy those posts.

With all that said, let’s start off with a short post from the start of my South / Central America week-long adventure. My friend, Jim, and I flew into La Paz, Bolivia as our jumping off point down to the salt flats at Salar de Uyuni. We stayed in La Paz for 1 night and wandered around the city during the day. The coolest way to see the city is on their aerial cable car urban transit system called Mi Teleférico (My Cable Car). The cable cars quickly (and cheaply) take you from the mountain peaks to the valley floor with several stops along the way. Each ride is 3 Bolivianos (~$0.43) per person and transfers are not allowed.  As of January 21, 2018, $1.00 = 6.9 Bolivianos.

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Grant’s 2017 Year in Miles & Points: How’d it Go?

I thought it would be fun to kick off the new year by interviewing Grant about his past year of travel, miles, and points. Read along as Grant answers the questions I put to him and see how you’d answer these questions about your own year.

1. What was the deal or miles/points opportunity that you wish you had gotten in on (if there was one)?

I was really excited about the British Airways promotion to earn 82,286 British Airways Avios for signing up for Match.com and spending $548.57 (0.67 CPM). I signed up just for the miles and thought since I’m paying for the service, I would try it out and see if I met anyone. Long story short, British Airways never gave me the Avios and Match.com refunded my whole payment, but it was totally worth it because I met my girlfriend on Match.com and we’ve been together for the last 9 months. If you want to read more about the details, check out this post.

Shelli: Did anyone get in on this?

Grant: I don’t think any bloggers or readers got their British Airways Avios ☹

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British Airways Business Class Meal Review (LHR-LAS)

A week before my British Airways long-haul flight in business class, I asked TWG readers to choose my meal for me. The Braised British Beef was the clear winner, getting 53% of the votes! So that’s what I pre-ordered. Before I tell you about that meal though, I had a three hour British Airways flight (LIS-LHR) in business class that provided a lunch which I could not pre-order. Based on what I had heard from lots of different sources, I had very low expectations of British Airways. Both their planes and their food got absolutely no love, at all.

This short British Airways flight was actually a great experience. Nothing special about the plane itself, but it was the crew and meal that made the difference. The crew and service were great. They were fun to talk with and full of good cheer. They did mention that British Airways had a new catering service and menu, and that they hoped we’d notice and be pleased. It did feel like perhaps I was the only one in business class who wasn’t a British Airways regular, so that leaves me with nothing to compare this meal and service to except what I had previously heard from others.

The starter of prawns and seaweed salad was well prepared. Great combo of textures and taste. Since I knew I’d be eating beef on my next flight, I went with chicken for my main course. Big portions, way too much for me, and the chicken cooked just right. I didn’t have dessert or bread. No complaints at all on this meal, and as I mentioned, an all-around great British Airways inflight experience.

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PSA / Tip: Always Bring a Pen When You Travel

Good morning everyone, greetings from the beautiful Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel. Over the last week, I traveled from Bolivia, to Guatemala, to El Salvador and I am flying to Nicaragua tonight. During this trip, the one thing I noticed is that every country has a different process for immigration, customs, and filling out the custom form.  Some airports only require a custom form on arrival, some require custom forms on arrival and departure, some require visas, and some require a small cash payment.  But no matter what the process is, you always need to fill out a custom form.

Image source: http://www.theseoulguide.com

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