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Got Too Many Cardboard Boxes? Get ZipSnip Handheld Cordless Electric Cardboard Box Cutter / Electric Scissors

Good afternoon everyone.  Between my wife and I, we do a lot of online shopping and end up with a lot of cardboard boxes.  We have a small recycle trash can at home, so it was pretty easy to fill up the recycle trash can with cardboard boxes and other recyclable items.  I started using a sharp box cutter knife to break down the cardboard boxes into smaller pieces, so I could fit more cardboard in our recycle trash can. Bending over to cut the cardboard into small pieces would start to hurt my back after several minutes and I had to be careful with the sharp box cutter not to cut myself.

A few weeks ago, Laura saw an ad online for this ZipSnip cardboard box cutter and bought it on Amazon (affiliate link).  I was skeptical and reluctant to use it at first since I thought my old method was superior (minus the back pain and fear of cutting myself), but after using it for a few minutes, I could tell that this was a huge improvement.  The blade is sharp and cuts through cardboard very easily and I don’t need to bend down to cut the cardboard into small pieces.  Here are some photos of the ZipSnip and the smaller cardboard box pieces.

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AMEX Offer InKind Pass Annual Subscription, Terms & Conditions, and Enrollment Process

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  InKind is out with a new AMEX Offer that says “Spend $100 or more, get $100 back” for an InKind Pass Annual Subscription.  So what exactly is this InKind Pass Annual Subscription and how does this offer work?  If you are new to InKind, you can get a $25 InKind credit after you spend $50 or more with InKind when you use my InKind referral link (

To get started, log into your American Express account and add this offer to one of your cards.  I added it to my American Express Business Gold Card since I will earn 4x on the transaction since InKind purchases usually code as restaurants.  Let’s check out the offer terms for more details of this AMEX Offer.

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How to Share / Transfer / Gift your Existing InKind Balance to Another InKind Member

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  I’ve been a long time fan of InKind since November 2022 when there was an InKind AMEX Offer that provided a $50 statement credit when you spent $50 with InKind.  There have been several other InKind offers like that over the year and there is currently an InKind Chase Offer that is offering a $150 statement credit after spending $250 with InKind.  If you are new to InKind, you can get a $25 InKind credit after you spend $50 or more with InKind when you use my InKind referral link (  If you have a healthy InKind balance and want to share the love, you can share / transfer / gift your InKind balance to another InKind member.

To get started, open the InKind app and click the Wallet icon.  The InKind Pass balance shows how much you can share with another member using your existing balance.  Unfortunately, InKind Rewards balances are not currently allowed to be shared. To share your balance, click the Gifting icon and then click Share your Balance.  If you want to send more than your existing balance, you can click the Purchase a Gift Card to Send.

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6 Buy Miles / Points Promos Ending Soon: United (100%), Hilton (90%), Southwest (50%), British Airways (40%), Choice Hotels (35%) & Alaska (60%)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  I was working on my Buy Miles & Points Page and found 6 offers that end in the next week.  Always check the math to make sure that buying miles & points makes sense for you.  Do not buy miles & points speculatively unless you have a use in mind.  With that said, here are 6 offers that end soon.

Up first, United Airlines is offering up to a 100% bonus, depending on the number of United Airlines MileagePlus Miles you purchase.  This offer expires on September 17.

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How to Use Amazon Shop with Points Redemption for Orphaned US Bank Rewards (Get 1 CPP Value)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few weeks ago, I was approved for the US Bank Business Altitude Connect Credit Card that offered 60,000 points (worth $600 cash back) after spending $6,000 in 6 months.  I completed the minimum spending requirement and received the sign up bonus this morning.  After redeeming the majority of the sign up bonus as a statement credit, I had 1,772 orphaned (aka leftover) points.  In this post, I will show you how to use the Amazon Shop with Points feature to use up any orphaned US Bank Rewards (either points or cash back).

To get started, sign into your US Bank account, go to your credit card account, click the Rewards and Benefits tab, and then click the Redeem or View My Rewards button.  As you can see, I have 1,772 points left in my account.  To see the redemption options, click the 3 lines in the upper left corner.

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