PSA: Follow up on Missing AMEX Offer Statement Credits (Especially MGM Offer)

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  A few months ago, my girlfriend and I went to Lost Wages Las Vegas and stayed at the beautiful Bellagio hotel.  We even upgraded to a fountain view room with amazing views of the Bellagio fountains.  I booked this specific hotel because Bellagio is part of MGM, and there was an AMEX Offer for $50 off $250 at MGM properties.  That AMEX Offer expired on January 8, but there are similar MGM AMEX Offers currently running (see the 2 AMEX Offers at the bottom of this post).  Long story short, I paid for the stay before the AMEX Offer expired, but the $50 statement credit never posted.  After waiting for more than 2 months, I called AMEX and they were able to manually add the $50 statement credit to my account.  Here is the MGM AMEX Offer that I was enrolled in:

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Giveaway: 4 of my Favorite New Travel Products

I’m always on the lookout for new travel products, and I’ve found some really cool ones during the beginning of 2018 in preparation for my first BIG trip of the year – I’m going to Russia on March 20 to take the Trans Siberian train! In celebration of getting ready to go, I’m giving away four of my new favorite travel products. Actually, one of them isn’t ‘new’ exactly, but it’s a time-old classic that I can’t travel without! The giveaway runs until the clock strikes midnight on March 17 (Eastern Time). One winner will be chosen for all of these awesome goodies. Good luck!

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Here’s what you can win!

1. Tile Style

I try not to lose things while I’m traveling, and Tile really helps! Plus the new ‘Style’ version of the tile just looks so much better than the older version! I have a tile hooked onto my keys because I sometimes can’t remember which bag I put them in, and instead of digging through everything when I get home, I can just ring the tile and know exactly where they are. This also comes in handy when I’m at home and put my keys somewhere weird!
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Meet Thierry Millet, the Last Artisanal Umbrella Repairman in Paris

Let the European tour continue.  Wednesday was London, Thursday was Barcelona and today is Paris.  For some reason, I’ve got Paris on my mind. It could be because a few friends are heading there next month. I sent them this video because I thought they might want to stop in and see this man. Even I would want to meet him and I don’t even own an umbrella!  Check out the short video and let me know what you think.  Merci!

Poll: Should They Fly Home from Europe on XL France or Thomas Cook Airlines?

Good morning everyone, happy Saturday.  I need your help, well actually, my girlfriend needs your help.  She is trying to figure out how she and her mom should fly home from Malta (small country in the Mediterranean Sea).  They can either fly home on Monday, July 9 via Air Malta to Paris (CDG) and onto San Francisco (SFO) via XL France or they can fly home on Tuesday, July 10 via Air Malta to Manchester, England (MAN) and onto San Francisco (SFO) via Thomas Cook Airlines.  Here are the various flight times and prices for Monday’s option:

MLA-CDG 06:25am – 09:20am ($201)
CDG-SFO 11:00am – 01:35pm ($532)

2 hr 55 min + 1 hr 40 min (layover) + 11 hr 35 min = 16 hr 10 min total ($733)

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8 Ways to Live Like a Local in Barcelona

The European tour continues.  Yesterday, I talked about free things to see and do in London, and today I am going to share some tips on how to live like a local in Barcelona. The topic of living like a local when you travel, evokes all kinds of responses. Is it even possible to any extent? I would think so, though it clearly depends on what living like a local means and where you’re traveling to.

According to Forbes, Spain has become the second most popular tourist country in the world. That means a lot of folks are heading to Barcelona! My cousin has been living in Spain for years now, so I thought it would be fun to learn her how-to suggestions for living like a local in Barcelona. The first thing she pointed out is that while Barcelona is known for its history and cultural impact, it’s very much a “lifestyle city.” This means in Barcelona, living well is important so this influences how people eat, drink and spend their free time. Knowing this, she gave me these suggestions:

1. Dress casual. People in Catalonia are relaxed (except when cheering for FC Barcelona). You’ll observe this in the way they walk, talk and laugh, and especially in how they dress. Nobody likes to dress up. You’ll be more likely laying on the beach or enjoying one of the city parks, than needing fancy clothes. I’m glad to hear this!

2. Enjoy a long lunch. Eating well might not require a long lunch, but great food combined with enjoying a social experience is something the Spaniards are famous for. I actually think one of my longest lunches ever was in Italy, another place known for eating long luxurious lunches. Dinner too, in Barcelona, can last for hours. So it’s a great way to practice patience around meals and just enjoy the dining customs when traveling.

Spanish Meals. Image source:

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