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What Did I Find Reading Through the AMEX Hilton Ascend Credit Card Welcome Letter & Cardmember Agreement?

My friend Stefan at Rapid Travel Chai likes to tell people that I read through all the small print on credit cards so the rest of us don’t have to.  99% of the info is super boring, but every now and then, I found something worth sharing.  I’ve been quietly following along with the Hilton news, but had nothing to add to the conversation at the time.  If you want to learn more about the Hilton transition from Citi to American Express, check out this website that American Express created.  A few days ago, I received an envelope from American Express with details of the transition.  I had read all about the transition on other travel blogs, mainly Frequent Miler and Doctor of Credit, but I read the small print to see if there were any diamonds in the rough.  I will share what I found below.

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Citi Thank You Premier Credit Card Holders: Some Gas Purchases Not Earning 3x TYPs

Good morning everyone.  I received the following email from Citi yesterday regarding my Citi Thank You Premier Credit Card.  That credit card is supposed to earn 3x Thank You Points (TYPs) on all travel and gas purchases, but some gas purchases made at convenience stores did not code as 3x purchases.  According to the email, if you made a gas purchase at a convenience store between November 15, 2015 and July 21, 2017, you only earned 1x.  To remedy the situation, Citi is crediting the missing TYPs to your October 2017 Citi Thank You Premier Credit Card statement.

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Vancouver Wonderful Walks #2: Gastown, Yaletown & False Creek Loop

Please check out my first post: Vancouver Wonderful Walks #1: Seawall Loop through Stanley Park

You might say I travel a lot, and though many of those miles are spent in the air, if I kept track, I’d bet I walk as many miles as I fly! When I wrote about how to spend the perfect long weekend in Vancouver, I touched on my favorite walks, but didn’t go into much detail. Vancouver is one of my favorite cities for walking! During my recent trip to Vancouver, I took my favorite walks, only this time I made extensive notes so I could share them with you. Here’s one of my favorites, which I call the Gastown / Yaletown / False Creek loop.

I stay at the Hyatt Regency when I visit Vancouver, and it never disappoints me. As you’ll see in the photos, luck was on my side for this week because the weather in late October was amazing. Beautiful fall foliage everywhere. So let’s start this walk from the Hyatt. You’ll exit onto Burrard Street and head north towards the water. As you walk towards the water, you’ll pass a historic and architecturally stunning building, the Marine Building. The art deco details are worth seeing so make sure to go into the lobby of the building and look around. Take the elevator up a few floors and when you get out you’ll have an overhead view of the lobby. Beautiful! On the ground floor of this building, you will find one of my favorite JJ Bean coffee locations. It has seating on the second floor if you want to relax, read, talk, and stay a while.

Make a right on Cordova Street. You’ll be heading to Gastown. This area of Vancouver can be touristy, but many locals live/work/play here too. There are lots of restaurants and coffee shops worth visiting. The steam clock on the corner of Cambie and Water Streets is probably the number one site people come to see here and it’s a fun photo opportunity. You’ve actually walked two miles already!

Gastown Steam Clock. Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steam_clock

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Sign up for Free Credit Monitoring from CreditCards.com (TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 Credit Score)

Good morning everyone.  I’m not sure how long this has been around for, but CreditCards.com just launched their own free credit monitoring / credit scoring / credit reporting service.  I decided to sign up for the free service and see how it worked (and compare the service to Credit Sesame, Credit Karma, and free Experian credit monitoring).  If you want to create a free account, click here.  To get started, click the Sign In link in the upper left corner of the page.  Then click the Sign Up link at the bottom of the page.

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Get National Car Rental Executive Status Free with American Express Platinum (No Status Match Required)

You might recall from a few months ago that I broke up with Hertz. It wasn’t a pleasant break up, but they rarely are! To help me get over my break up, TWG readers suggested I look to National Car Rental for rental cars. And so I did. This week, National Car Rental has been in the news because there’s a National Car Rental status match going on. That’s fine BUT it’s only good for two months. If you’ve got a car rental coming up through the end of this year, this status match may be useful. But don’t forget, if you have the American Express Platinum Charge Card (any variety), you can get FREE Executive Status from National Car Rental.

Typically, earning this status requires renting from National Car Rental at least 12 times per year, so the feature has value. If you already have the American Express Platinum Charge Card, you can enroll in the National’s Executive Program. Just login to your account, and select National.

Image source: https://www.nationalcar.com/en_US/car-rental/loyalty/enrollment/benefits.html

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