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How I did on that US Mint American Eagle Platinum Coin

(Hat tip to Miles Per Day for the title inspiration)

Good afternoon everyone.  Back in July, there was a lot of commotion about the US Mint American Eagle 20th Anniversary Platinum Proof Coin.  The platinum coin went on sale at 10am PT on July 6 for $1,300 and there was a private group who would buy the coin from you for $1,325 (and provide a free shipping label), so you could make ~$20 profit by buying this platinum coin and then selling it to this private group.  Since this was a limited release, I figured I could sell the coin on eBay for much more than $1,325 and make more than a ~$20 profit.  So, how did I do?

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Calling Chase Sapphire Preferred Customer Service about Chase Ritz-Carlton Credit Card Sunday Delivery

Chase Ritz-Carlton Credit Card

Calling Chase Sapphire Preferred Customer Service about Chase Ritz-Carlton Credit Card Sunday Delivery

Good Sunday afternoon everyone, I just found out that my Chase Ritz-Carlton Credit Card is scheduled for delivery today via UPS Next Day Air.  I am so excited!  Here is how I found out…

My Chase online account does not show any new Chase credit cards.  I’ve checked several times since I was approved on Monday afternoon (link), but still the card has not shown up online.  One of my favorite tricks for Chase customer service is to call the Chase Sapphire Preferred department (800-493-3319).  I used to have a Chase Sapphire Preferred which I downgraded to a Chase Sapphire which I then converted to a Chase Freedom.  Anyway, if you call that number, they will answer in 10-20 seconds and be able to help you with any Chase account questions.

I called that number this morning and asked if they had any information regarding my Chase Ritz-Carlton Credit Card.  The very nice representative said that there were 2 UPS tracking numbers in the notes section linked to the Chase Ritz-Carlton Credit Card.  She said the 2 packages were sent out on Friday, December 19.  I plugged both tracking numbers into the UPS website and was able to see the tracking information.

According to UPS’s website, both packages are scheduled for early delivery today (ahead of tomorrow’s original scheduled delivery date).  I am writing this post and eagerly waiting for the UPS driver to knock on the front door.  Instead of Santa Claus bringing me presents, I have the UPS driver bringing me packages :)

UPS Delivery for Chase Ritz-Carlton Card

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