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Have you Read my Most Popular Posts of 2021?

Good morning everyone, happy New Year’s Eve!  Every year, I like to check out my stats from Google Analytics to see which blog posts were the most popular.  I created 2 lists by looking at all blog posts written in 2021 and then I looked at which posts were read the most in 2021, but written in previous years (#stayingpower).  I will list the blog posts from top to bottom based on pageviews, share the original published date, and provide a short summary of each blog post.  If you are curious, here were the most popular posts from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

2021’s Most Read Posts (Written in 2021)

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How to Use Home Depot Store Credit for Online Purchases

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  Long story short, I bought a few things at Home Depot, forgot to return them within the standard return period, and ended up with $175.86 in Home Depot store credit.  I figured Home Depot store credit would be easy to use, like a regular Home Depot gift card, but boy was I wrong.  I ran into the issue when I tried to buy some outdoor patio furniture slipcovers online.  When I entered the Home Depot store credit information into the gift card payment field, I got an error message saying “We’re sorry. Home Depot store credit can only be used in stores. Please use a different payment method.”  Dang, Home Depot took “store credit” very literally.  After some persistence and a visit to my local Home Depot store, I was able to use my Home Depot store credit for an online purchase.  Keep reading to learn more.

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