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An American Express Credit Card can Make/Save Over $300 from AMEX Offers in One Year

(Hat Tip to Noah @ Money Metagame for the idea)

Good morning from beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.  I am staying at the $80/night Hyatt Place in Scottsdale after an exciting day at the Phoenician Hotel and Resort for the First2Board PHX Sessions.  This morning, I was reading Money Metagame’s article and it got me thinking… how much money have I made/saved using AMEX Offers on 1 AMEX card over the last 12 months?  If you log into your American Express account, click AMEX Offers For You, and click My Savings, you will see all the enrolled offers that you participated in.  I think this list may exclude AMEX Sync Offers, so take that into consideration if you don’t see all your offers.  Here is what I bought and the profit ($/%) per AMEX Offer:

  • Office Depot: $50 Amazon Gift Card = $10 savings (20% free)
  • Whole Foods: $75 loaded to my Clipper Card = $10 savings (13.3% free)
  • Home Depot: $75 Panera Bread Gift Card = $15 savings (20% free)
  • SamsClub.com: $20 Sams Club Gift Card = $20 savings (100% free)
  • Smart & Final: 3 x $50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card = $75 savings (50% free)

Savings from AMEX Offers 1

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3 New AMEX Offers: Office Depot / OfficeMax $10 Off $50, Jacks Surfboards, and Simon Pearce

Good morning everyone, it looks like AMEX forgot a few AMEX Offers yesterday (17 New AMEX Offers: Best Buy, HP, J.Crew, Petco, Chili’s, Souplantation, Zappos, Ebags, and Others) but here are the 3 newest offers to show up in my account: Office Depot / OfficeMax, Jacks Surfboards, and Simon Pearce.  Obviously, the best deal is $10 off $50 at OD/OM.  Doctor of Credit recommends trying to do a 4 way split payment on a $200 Visa Gift Card (your cashier / mileage may vary).

Office Depot OfficeMax AMEX Offer

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Part 1: My Manufactured Spend and Redbird Loading Strategy

Good morning everyone, I wanted to respond to Frequent Milers’s post (My manufactured spend strategy) and share my own MS strategy.  You will probably be surprised by my strategy, maybe inspired, and maybe even disappointed.  Let’s get started…

Every Sunday, Staples releases their latest Easy Rebate offers/coupons here.  This week, we have more paper on sale and a few smaller deals, like $5 off food and tape.

Staples Rebates 1-25-2015

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Review: New United MileagePlusX App puts an Online Shopping Portal in your Pocket

This afternoon, United Airlines sent out an email announcing their new MileagePlusX app for Apple and Android smartphones.  I was interested in seeing how it was possible to earn 2x, 3x, and even 4x using the app, so I tested the app by using it at Office Max, Office Depot, and Panera Bread.  Check out their video demo here.

United MileagePlusX Email 1

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Random News: 3 New AMEX Offers, Staples Gift Card and Paper Deals, and Office Depot AMEX Gift Card Deal


Random News: 3 New AMEX Offers, Staples Gift Card and Paper Deals, and Office Depot AMEX Gift Card Deal

Good evening from Washington, DC.  I had a great time at FTU Advanced this weekend at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City hotel.  I appreciate meeting readers and other miles and points addicts over the past few days.  I will be at TravelCon on February 28 (maybe speaking) and attending FTU Advanced in San Diego on March 6-8.  I’m not sure tickets are still for sale, but if you bought one, I look forward to seeing you there.

Anyway, there are 3 new AMEX Offers that showed up in my account.

Sports Authority AMEX Offer Mervis Diamonds AMEX Offer 1 800 Flowers AMEX Offer

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