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Quirky US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card Rewards Activity (Different Amounts Before & After Statement Closes)

Good evening everyone.  I spend a lot of time with my credit cards and banking apps (probably more time than most normal people should), but I wanted to share a quirk I noticed with the US Bank Cash+ Credit Card.  I love this credit card so much (I have 2 of them), because of the ability to select 2 different 5% cash back categories each quarter, and you can select the same 2 categories each quarter.

The 2 categories that I have picked lately are Home Utilities (which covers water, gas, electricity, trash, etc.) and TV / Internet / Streaming Services (which covers all the well known and niche streaming services I have tried).  Now, this is where the quirkiness comes in…

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2 Recent Credit Card Retention Offers: $150 Statement Credit & 4,000 Customer Appreciation Points

Good afternoon everyone.  Part of my credit card strategy is to call and ask for a retention offers every time a credit card annual fee posts to my account.  I am not successful 100% of the time, but I always find it worthwhile when I receive a retention offer for $50, $100, $150 or even $695 with a single call.  Today’s post is a friendly reminder to call and ask for retention offers.  The worse thing that can happen is that the rep screams at you relentlessly says they have no offers available.  You can then decide to keep the card open, downgrade to a no annual fee credit card, or cancel the card.  Here are my 2 recent examples.

The $450 annual fee posted to Laura’s JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card on January 1.  She called the customer service number on the back of the card and received a $150 statement credit to keep her credit card open.  The $150 statement credit posted at the end of January and then she paid off the remaining credit card balance.  $150 for a 5-7 minute phone call is a great hourly rate :)

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How to Submit Primary Rental Car CDW Insurance Claim with eClaimsLine / Card Benefit Services (US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday.  A few months ago, I was in Southern California and driving my Hertz rental car to Disneyland when a small rock struct my windshield, causing a long crack on the driver’s side of the windshield. I’ve never had to file an in insurance claim for a rental car before, so this was a new experience for me.  In this post, I will share details of the claims process and what I learned along the way, so if you are ever in a similar situation, you know what to expect.

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How to Choose US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card 5% Bonus Categories in the App

Good evening everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I am a big fan of the US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card because you can pick 2 bonus categories every quarter that earn 5% cash back on $2,000 in eligible purchases.  You can pick the same 2 bonus categories every quarter, so you are not stuck with the bonus categories that the credit card companies have selected for you (I’m looking at you Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card and Discover It Credit Card).  I already have my Q1 (January 1 – March 31) bonus categories selected, but US Bank let’s you pick your next quarterly bonus categories 45 days (1.5 months) before the next quarter begins and you can change your selected categories up to 5 days before the quarter begins too.

Q2 (April 1 – June 30) bonus categories are now open, as of February 15.  To get started, sign into your US Bank account, click your Cash Plus Credit Card, and then click the Rewards tab at the top.

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Microsoft Office 365 Monthly Subscription Does Not Trigger US Bank Triple Cash Rewards Business Credit Card Software Subscription Credit

Good afternoon everyone.  I received an email from my friend regarding their US Bank Triple Cash Rewards Business Credit Card and the “$100 credit for recurring software subscription expenses such as FreshBooks or QuickBooks” listed on the credit card page.  Here are the terms and conditions for the software subscription credit:

Footnote 3
An automatic statement credit of $100 per 12-month period will be applied to your Account within two (2) statement billing cycles following 11 consecutive months of eligible software service purchases made directly with a software service provider. Eligible software service providers are identified by their Merchant Category Code (MCC) and purchases made at discount/retail stores or online retailers may not qualify. We do not determine the category codes that merchants choose and reserve the right to determine which Purchases qualify. We reserve the right to adjust or reverse any portion or all of any software services credit for unauthorized purchases or transaction credits. Account must be in good standing (open and able to use) to receive the credit. 

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