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What Did I Find Reading Through the AMEX Hilton Ascend Credit Card Welcome Letter & Cardmember Agreement?

My friend Stefan at Rapid Travel Chai likes to tell people that I read through all the small print on credit cards so the rest of us don’t have to.  99% of the info is super boring, but every now and then, I found something worth sharing.  I’ve been quietly following along with the Hilton news, but had nothing to add to the conversation at the time.  If you want to learn more about the Hilton transition from Citi to American Express, check out this website that American Express created.  A few days ago, I received an envelope from American Express with details of the transition.  I had read all about the transition on other travel blogs, mainly Frequent Miler and Doctor of Credit, but I read the small print to see if there were any diamonds in the rough.  I will share what I found below.

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Get National Car Rental Executive Status Free with American Express Platinum (No Status Match Required)

You might recall from a few months ago that I broke up with Hertz. It wasn’t a pleasant break up, but they rarely are! To help me get over my break up, TWG readers suggested I look to National Car Rental for rental cars. And so I did. This week, National Car Rental has been in the news because there’s a National Car Rental status match going on. That’s fine BUT it’s only good for two months. If you’ve got a car rental coming up through the end of this year, this status match may be useful. But don’t forget, if you have the American Express Platinum Charge Card (any variety), you can get FREE Executive Status from National Car Rental.

Typically, earning this status requires renting from National Car Rental at least 12 times per year, so the feature has value. If you already have the American Express Platinum Charge Card, you can enroll in the National’s Executive Program. Just login to your account, and select National.

Image source: https://www.nationalcar.com/en_US/car-rental/loyalty/enrollment/benefits.html

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American Express Business Platinum Charge Card: Did you Notice the Increase in Coverage for High Risk Items?

While reviewing my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card statement last night, I noticed an update to the program terms. Effective immediately, American Express has INCREASED their coverage amount for high risk items from $250 to $1,000. There is no additional charge for this benefit as it’s part of the benefits of the card under the Baggage Insurance Plan. It’s nice when a benefit is increased or added to a card. High risk items include computers, jewelry, and furs. Unfortunately, this plan update excludes people living in Indiana, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands.

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1,500 Membership Reward Points Posted Fast for $100 Grocery Store AMEX Offer

Good evening everyone.  A few weeks ago, American Express released an AMEX Offer where you could earn 1,500 Membership Reward Points after you spent $100 at grocery stores before November 30.  This offer is really good, but unfortunately I only had this AMEX Offer on my American Express Everyday Credit Card.  The nice thing about this AMEX Offer is that you didn’t have to complete the spending requirement in 1 transaction, so you could make several grocery store purchases that added up to $100.  If this AMEX Offer did require a single grocery store purchase of $100, I would have just bought a $100 grocery store gift card to Safeway, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  Here are the complete terms and conditions of the AMEX Offer:

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10,000 AMEX Membership Reward Points for Enrolling in Extended Payment Option

Some miles and points take a lot of time and effort to earn. So it’s great when earning miles and points take no time or effort at all! It’s rare, but opportunity does knock from time to time. Here’s one that came knocking recently, and it reminded me to make sure you’re aware of it as well. American Express cards come with an option to enroll in their Extended Payment Option. This allows you to pay off purchases over time. Now, we all pay off our credit cards every month, right? So we don’t need to USE this option, but I’ve noticed over the years that from time to time, American Express offers Membership Reward points JUST for enrolling your card.

Every now and again, I’ve looked to see if my cards were targeted for these offers. Nope, no luck, until recently, that is. I got this offer on my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card, which I keep for the Centurioun Lounge benefits. I’ll take 10,000 American Express Membership Reward points earned this easily any day of the week. So I enrolled my card.

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