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AMEX Offer InKind Pass Annual Subscription, Terms & Conditions, and Enrollment Process

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  InKind is out with a new AMEX Offer that says “Spend $100 or more, get $100 back” for an InKind Pass Annual Subscription.  So what exactly is this InKind Pass Annual Subscription and how does this offer work?  If you are new to InKind, you can get a $25 InKind credit after you spend $50 or more with InKind when you use my InKind referral link (https://app.inkind.com/refer/DB06KWHX).

To get started, log into your American Express account and add this offer to one of your cards.  I added it to my American Express Business Gold Card since I will earn 4x on the transaction since InKind purchases usually code as restaurants.  Let’s check out the offer terms for more details of this AMEX Offer.

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How to Share / Transfer / Gift your Existing InKind Balance to Another InKind Member

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  I’ve been a long time fan of InKind since November 2022 when there was an InKind AMEX Offer that provided a $50 statement credit when you spent $50 with InKind.  There have been several other InKind offers like that over the year and there is currently an InKind Chase Offer that is offering a $150 statement credit after spending $250 with InKind.  If you are new to InKind, you can get a $25 InKind credit after you spend $50 or more with InKind when you use my InKind referral link (https://app.inkind.com/refer/DB06KWHX).  If you have a healthy InKind balance and want to share the love, you can share / transfer / gift your InKind balance to another InKind member.

To get started, open the InKind app and click the Wallet icon.  The InKind Pass balance shows how much you can share with another member using your existing balance.  Unfortunately, InKind Rewards balances are not currently allowed to be shared. To share your balance, click the Gifting icon and then click Share your Balance.  If you want to send more than your existing balance, you can click the Purchase a Gift Card to Send.

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How to Use 2 American Express Business Platinum Cards to Split CLEAR Plus + 1 Family Member into 2 Charges

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few weeks ago, I got my CLEAR renewal email that said my membership would be increasing $50, from $169 to $219.  That was a bummer since I was looking forward to using the $189 CLEAR Plus credit that comes with my American Express Business Platinum Card.  Since I currently have 2 AMEX Biz Plat Cards, I wanted to use both cards to get the CLEAR Plus credit.

I have an AMEX Delta credit card which provided a discounted CLEAR membership of $149 for myself and I have my wife as a family member on my CLEAR membership for an additional $70.  Technically, I might have been able to remove my wife from my CLEAR account and set her up with her own account which would have cost her $179, since she is a general Delta SkyMiles member, but I wanted to see if I could keep costs low.

Here is what I did next…

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Upcoming AMEX Changes to Employee Cards, Premium Private Jet Program, Departures Magazine & Upgrade with Points

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend!  I just returned from my “free” Holland America Line cruise from Boston to Quebec and had a great time.  Yesterday, when I was reviewing my recent American Express credit card statements, I noticed a few upcoming changes that I wanted to share.  These notices came on my American Express Business Platinum Card, but should apply to most Platinum Cards and some Membership Rewards earning cards.  None of these changes are huge, but they might affect some cardmembers.

American Express is changing the name from “Additional Business Green Rewards Card” to “Additional Business Expense Card” effective August 17, 2023.  Replacement cards will have the new name going forward.  Effective November 2, 2023, that name change will be updated in the Cardmember Agreement.  No changes to the card benefits are mentioned.

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Which Credit & Debit Cards are in my Wallet, ApplePay Wallet, and Travel Wallet? (August 2023)

Good morning everyone.  We all know the classic Capital One line, “What’s in your wallet?” (spoiler alert: no Capital One Credit Cards are currently in my real wallet), but I thought it would be fun to do this type of post monthly or every other month, depending on which credit cards I am currently using.  At last count, I currently have 40+ personal and business credit cards, but I don’t carry or use every credit card every month.  I treat my credit cards like tools in a tool box, each credit card has a specific use and no credit card is perfect for every situation.  I also have 3 “wallets” for my credit cards: the physical cards that I carry with me in my iPhone case, the credit and debit cards in my ApplePay Wallet, and the credit cards in my travel wallet (aka backpack) that I use when I travel.  I will go through my 3 “wallets”, but the cards in my ApplePay Wallet and travel wallet (aka backpack) don’t change very often.

Credit Cards in my iPhone Case / Wallet

Last week, I was approved for the Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card that currently offers a sign up bonus of 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points after spending $8,000 in 3 months.  I am meeting the minimum spend on this credit card by paying for a few home improvement projections, car insurance, and any other large purchase that will get me closer to my $8,000 minimum spending requirement.  I don’t have immediate plans for these 100K Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, but I can always use more Chase Ultimate Rewards Points.

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