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OC Travel Meetup Saturday, September 23 @ 12pm at Tustin District In-N-Out

Good afternoon everyone.  I am visiting my parents this weekend in Orange County, so I decided to do a miles and points meetup on Saturday afternoon.  If you are free this Saturday, I would love to meet you and talk travel, miles and points, MS, and blogging.

  • Where: 2895 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782 (Google Maps)
  • When: Saturday, September 23 @ 12-2PM

In-N-Out Tustin District Map

There is no need to RSVP to the OC Meetup, just show up at 12pm and be ready to talk talk travel.  I will do a reminder post later this week.  I hope to see some of you there!

I Converted my Chase Freedom to a Chase Sapphire Reserve

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  A few days ago, Chase announced the Chase Freedom Q4 merchants (Walmart and department stores) and you can now activate those bonus categories for your Chase Freedom Credit Card.  Unfortunately, those bonus categories do not excite me (there are no Walmart stores close to San Francisco), so I was considering a product change from my Chase Freedom Credit Card to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card.  In fact, last December, I wrote Should I Convert my Chase Freedom to a Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card?  I have applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card in the past, but I was declined based on the 5/24 rule, but I still really wanted the credit card, despite not being able to get the sign up bonus.  In this post, I will explain my reasoning for the product change and show how quickly the product change is processed by Chase.

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Is the SF Giants Alaska Airlines 2-for-1 Day a Good Deal?

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  I just flew back from Iceland on Saturday night, so I am a little behind schedule on my blog posts.  I have a few posts in the works about my roadtrip around Iceland (1,000+ kilometers in 5 days), my review of a new global WiFi hotspot device that worked very well in Iceland, the final results of my credit card App-O-Rama and more.  But before I get to those posts, I wanted to share my thoughts on the upcoming Alaska Airlines 2-for-1 day promotion with the San Francisco Giants.  Even though this event has not happened yet, I have some good insights about the promotion because I participated in the Virgin America 2-for-1 day promotion with the San Francisco Giants a few weeks ago.  I will also share my strategy for going to the game or buying the discount codes online.

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Maximizing Miles with Stopovers, Open Jaws & Off-Peak Awards

When turning your frequent flyer miles into award tickets for flights, there are many things to think about. After all, you’re worked hard to earn those miles, so who wouldn’t want to get the best value for them. And in the beginning, when you’re first becoming a miles and points enthusiast, there’s a lot to learn about maximizing value when you use your miles. Here are three concepts to understand for getting the maximum value from your miles:

1. You have to understand what’s possible with stopovers. Some people won’t book an award ticket without using the stopover option, when it’s available. In essence, utilizing stopovers means you’ll see more places for fewer miles.

2. Then there’s the concept of open jaws. An open jaw is when you fly into one city and fly back from another city, rather than flying in and out of the same city on your award ticket. Similar to stopovers, an open jaw ticket will let you see more cities for the same amount of miles. Another popular reason to use an open jaw is to avoid fuel surcharges on your award ticket. As an example, this is commonly done when flying to Europe. Flying out of London means paying high taxes, so people often fly into London and out of another European city to avoid paying the high London departure taxes/fees. Continue reading

Keep, Convert or Close the Barclays American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard?

I’ve made a resolution! From now on, when a credit card I currently have comes up for renewal, I really want to consider more deeply than I have in the past, whether or not to keep the credit card. I’m determined to look more closely at the annual fees I pay to keep the credit card and the benefits I receive. And whether I’m actually using those benefits… maybe that’s the most important question of all.

Since I made this resolution, the first credit card to come up for renewal is my Barclays American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard. Like many of you, I got this credit card because I had the Barclays US Airways World MasterCard, which became the Aviator credit card when American Airlines bought US Airways. The yearly fee for the Aviator credit card is $89. My first action was to actually read the Reward Summary on my statement and really understand the potential of this credit card, whether or not I actually put much spend on this card. Continue reading