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MealPal: Select Meals Under $7 + $50 Amazon eGift Card Sign Up Bonus (Expires 8/21)

Good morning everyone.  MealPal is a new lunch program (available in select cities) where you pay a fixed price per meal (ranging from $6-$7, depending on your plan).  You then reserve lunch at participating restaurants, walk in during your reservation time, tell them your name, and then walk out with your lunch. I’ve been meaning to write about MealPal for months, but have never gotten around to it until now.  Luckily, MealPal has a great promotion running now through August 21 where you get a $50 Amazon eGift Card when you sign up with my referral link. If you sign up using my referral link, I also get a $50 Amazon eGift Card – thank you for supporting TWG.

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$10 Statement Credits Just Posted for Jifiti Nike Promo / $50 Nike eGift Card AMEX Offer

Good morning everyone, I just logged into my American Express online account and saw a $10 statement credit from “AMERICAN EXPRESS COMNEW YORK”.  I did a little digging and discovered that it was the $10 statement credit from the $50 Nike eGift Card AMEX Offer from a few weeks ago.

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Walmart.com Orders Instantly Cancelled? Try Walmart’s Online Chat

Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few weeks ago, American Express released an AMEX Offer for Walmart.com where you can receive a $10 statement credit after spending $50 or more.  Walmart.com sells several gift cards and egift cards, so I wanted to buy a $50 Uber egift card.  Shortly after placing my order, I received a confirmation email from Walmart.  All looked good until…

…exactly 1 minute later, I received an email from Walmart that my order was canceled.  I didn’t even have time to put my American Express credit card back into my wallet before my order was instantly cancelled.  So frustrating!

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How I Got “Dropped” by Drop… and then Reinstated

After many of us saw our Drop accounts go into the “technical error abyss” for a week (I mean…forever…), I sent drop a Support Ticket inquiring as to what was going on with my account, and why I couldn’t redeem for awards. I also wanted to know what happened to my reward redemptions that never arrived (awards had previously been coming in within a few minutes on all my redemptions).

I received multiple replies ranging from their Reward Processor was having technical difficulties in the US, to they were having issues on their end and they were working on it. I tried reaching out on Twitter and Facebook Messenger as well, and both told me to email their support.

After reading various other responses on various blogs that Drop had changed their Terms and Conditions (T&C) to disallow people from earning points on repeated purchases, I decided to send them an email demanding my points be reinstated. After all, I had done all my purchasing before they had changed their T&C. Continue reading

My Alaska Airlines Bump: There’s a First Time for Everything

There’s a first time for everything, and recently on an Alaska Airlines flight, I volunteered to be bumped. It’s not that I’ve never heard the call for volunteers before. We all have. But something about this time made me ask myself if now was the time and this was the opportunity to do it. After all, can a bona fide travel blogger NOT have a bump experience to talk about? Given the crazy day I ended up having, I’ll never forget my first time!

I was originally on a morning Alaska Airlines nonstop flight from San Diego to Boston. I’ve taken this flight before but always in the winter months. Apparently, since it’s the only nonstop of the day to Boston, it can get crowded. I heard the call for volunteers before we started boarding the flight.

Great Circle Mapper: San Diego (SAN) to Boston (BOS)

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