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Coronado / San Diego Week: Part 2 of What to Eat, See & Do in Beautiful Coronado

Coronado is a gem, and one that I’ve been enjoying for many years now. Whether you stay at Hotel Del Coronado or use other lodging on Coronado, or just come for a day from San Diego, there’s a lot to explore. If you like to walk or bike, or just want to know more about what to see/do in Coronado, you’ll like Shelli’s Coronado Loop! The whole loop takes you by the ocean, through town, to the bay side, along the Coronado Golf Course and back to the ocean. The whole loop is just under 7 miles, but of course it can be done in parts, too. It can be enjoyed both riding a bike and walking. It works in either direction.  If you haven’t done already, please check out Part 1.

Part 2 takes you through the bay side of Coronado, under the Coronado Bridge, along the golf course through beautiful residential areas, and circles back to the ocean. Doesn’t get better than this!

Starting from the bay park and what’s called Ferry Landing, you’ll see a few restaurants and shops. On weekends, especially during the summer, there’s often live entertainment, and some of the bands can be very good. The area is not just called Ferry Landing. There’s actually a ferry that’s been in business since 1915. The Coronado Ferry takes 15 minutes to cross the bay and goes to two different stops in downtown San Diego. It’s a great way to get into San Diego from Coronado and vice versa.

Coronado Ferry Landing

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Is Breakfast Included for Hilton Honors Diamond Elite Members at Hotel Del Coronado?

Attention Hilton members, especially you Diamonds in the rough! It has been ROUGH sorting through all the information on the Hotel Del Coronado and the benefits elites will receive. It’s been especially confusing knowing whether or not the hotel will have an executive lounge and how the breakfast benefit will be handled. After all, a day of fun in the sun requires a hearty breakfast.

Tomorrow (August 9) is the big day, so earlier today, I stopped in to The Del and asked the questions we all want answered! The usual Hilton Honors Diamond elite benefits will be available, and the staff has all received training on the different Hilton Honors elite levels.

There will NOT be an executive lounge.  Breakfast is at the Sheerwater Restaurant and for breakfast, it’s a buffet. The price is $38, and as of right now, they still do not know what will happen for Hilton Honors Diamond elites and how breakfast will be handled.

Breakfast at the Sheerwater Restaurant at Hotel Del Coronado. Image source: https://hoteldel.com/about/photo-videos/hotel-del-coronado/

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Which Hotels Should I Book with my 100,000 IHG Points?

As a new Chase IHG Credit Card holder, and having had success in being matched to the better offer of 100,000 points, I’m excited because now the real fun begins. How do I spend all those points I’ll acquire?! As a Hyatt and SPG loyalist, I had some research to do about the IHG brand, so I’ve been studying up on IHG. There are 10 hotel brands within IHG, with more than 5,000 hotels in over 100 countries. That’s a lot of choices #colormeconfused, I need your help!

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Use Secure Messaging to Get Matched to Better Credit Card Offers

My recent opportunity in using secure messaging to request being matched to a better credit card offer turned out to be quite a learning experience. You see, I’d never used secure messaging before! I’m not sure how that’s even possible, even though it’s true, given that I’ve been a miles/points enthusiast for many years now. And it’s not because I’m anti-technology or shy away from online banking. Maybe when I’ve applied for credit cards, there were never better offers to match to. But this time there were!

When I heard about the Chase IHG Rewards Credit Card and the 100,000 point sign up offer, I asked Grant how to get it. Here’s how the conversation went.

  • Me: How do I get Chase to match that offer?
  • Grant: Send a request. Use SM.
  • Me: You mean I send snail mail?
  • Grant: No, SM is secure messaging!
  • Me: Oops!

I don’t want to know what Grant was thinking after that :) I knew what secure messaging was and figured I could learn how to actually do it, but then I realized I had no idea what to say to get the best possible result, which meant Chase saying YES to matching the 100,000 point sign up offer. From what I’d read, it was a YMMV (your mileage may vary) situation, and I wanted my YMMV to result in a yes. I looked around for what the Boarding Area bloggers had to say about secure messaging best practices, but wasn’t satisfied with what I read. So I decided to personally reach out to some bloggers and see what advice they could give me to increase my chances of getting a favorable outcome.

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4 Flavors of Club Carlson Credit Cards (High, Medium, Low & Biz)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  A few days ago, I wrote How to Redeem your Club Carlson Domestic Free Night Certificate ($10,000 Yearly Spend Required). While working on that post, I was reminded that there are not 2, not 3, but 4 US Bank Club Carlson credit cards. I only have the US Bank Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card and the US Bank Club Carlson Business Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card (the 2 best US Bank Club Carlson credit cards, in my opinion), but I wanted to take a closer look at the other 2 US Bank Club Carlson credit cards to see if there was any reason to consider product changing to those credit cards.  To learn more about all of the US Bank Club Carlson credit cards, click here.

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