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Hilton Free Weekend Night Certificates Posted from my Citi Hilton Reserve Credit Cards

Updated at 12:40pm PT on 2/13: My Hilton account now shows the 2 Free Weekend Night Certificates in my account.

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  I have a short post today on the Hilton Free Weekend Night Certificate.  I used to have 2 Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Credit Cards and spent $10,000 on each credit card before the conversion to the American Express Hilton Ascend Credit Card.  This morning, around 2am PT, I received 2 emails regarding my Free Weekend Night Certificates.  These Free Weekend Night Certificates came earlier than I was expecting and did not mention anything about spending a combined $15,000 on the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Credit Card and American Express Hilton Ascend Credit Card.  Here is what the Free Weekend Night Certificates email looks like.  You have to make a reservation before the expiration date listed in the email.  I believe your reservation can be anytime after that though.

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Battle of the Pens: Which Hotel Pen Wins?

Sometimes you find out something about yourself in the strangest of ways. Turns out, I’m a pen snob! Thank you to Grant for pointing this out to me in a very weird way. Grant wrote about his experience aboard a flight wondering why everyone doesn’t carry a pen to fill out custom forms. The part I found most interesting was what Grant said in his comments, “Fancy hotel pens are the best. I just have 2 cheap pens from who knows where.”

I know I may be weird, but I couldn’t believe this. Cheap pens from who knows where… NO WAY. I have a great stash of pens from hotels all over the world, and even when I’m not using one of those, I definitely have my preferred pens. Pens from who knows where… NEVER. That’s when I self-identified as a pen snob.

I immediately went into my stash of pens and sent Grant a bunch. Certainly he would have his preferences, right? I was curious, and so the battle of the pens began. I asked him to write the same thing with each pen, and he did. I even sent Grant my coveted pen from the Park Hyatt Milan. Yes, I’m that nice :) I sent him pens from Sheraton, Waldorf Astoria, Hyatt, and Park Hyatt and wondered if his favorite pen would be the same as mine. I gave him no clue as to which pen I preferred.

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Andaz Papagayo Resort Part 2: The Room was Great

Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my Andaz Papagayo Resort review where I shared photos of the beautiful resort.  After checking into the resort, we walked to our room which was only a 5 minute walk away.  If your room is farther away, you can take the complimentary golf cart shuttle to your room.  The exterior of the room had a large, thick wooden door with a key car reader above the handle.  Let’s check out the inside of the room…

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75% Bonus on Purchased IHG Rewards Points (Expires February 28)

In certain languages, people wish each other Happy New Month! I like that. It’s a new month, so of course there are new opportunities for buying more points with bonuses. This one from IHG is interesting because IHG taketh away in that they made category changes for award nights. Then IHG giveth some point purchasing bonuses! Their last two bonuses were for 100%, and this one is for 75% (bonus expires February 28). It’s important to note that in the new year, the number of points we can purchase gets reset, so we’re back to being able to purchase up to 60,000 IHG Rewards points this year. Did IHG changing their Pointbreaks scheme make a difference in whether or not you’ll buy IHG points going forward?

I Closed my AMEX Hilton Ascend Credit Card & Received a $95 Statement Credit (Refunded Annual Fee)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday.  When I was doing research for my previous Hilton post (Hilton Ascend Credit Card: Unlink Citi Card; Set up AMEX Card; View AMEX Offers; Call for Retention Offers), I closed one of my American Express Hilton Ascend Credit Cards.  A few days later, I logged back into American Express and saw a $95 statement credit on my account.  That was surprising since I hadn’t used the credit card in several months before it was converted from Citi to American Express.  I did some digging and found out that the $95 was a refund of my annual fee.

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