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[Winners Announced] Are you Short 1,000 Alaska Airlines Miles for your Next Award Ticket? I Can Help!

Updated 8am PT on 12/22:  Winners have been selected!  Thank you to everyone who left a comment on this post – I wish I could have picked all of you.  The 2 winners are:

  • Luke US: Dear Grant, I would really love to win this nice contest! I have 19k miles, and only need 1k miles to book my award trip to Europe and see my family! Thank you so very much!!
  • Ryan: Condor’s cheap SAN-FRA this summer! I flew it last summer—so convenient and cheap in Alaska miles!

Luke and Ryan, please check your email for an email from me regarding your Alaska Airlines account information.  Thank you and happy holidays everyone!

Good morning everyone. I can’t believe it is only 4 more days to Christmas – luckily, I am in the giving mood.  A few days ago, Alaska Airlines sent me an email telling me that I could transfer Alaska Airlines miles for free, due to my Alaska Airlines MVP Gold elite status.  There really isn’t much need for this, since you can always book an award ticket for someone else with Alaska Airlines miles, but I did find a need.  My dad hasn’t flown Alaska Airlines in awhile, so I got an email from Award Wallet telling me his Alaska Airlines miles were going to expire in a few months.  Thanks to this promo, I transfered a few Alaska Airlines miles to his account to reset his expiration date.  After that, I thought I could help a few other people who need 1,000 Alaska Airlines miles to top up for an award ticket.  Keep reading to find out more…

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View Legroom on Google Flights by Adding Legrooms Extension

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  I was in freezing Chicago over the weekend for the FTU Travel Expo / Signature travel conference.  I arrived late Saturday afternoon because I took a $500 bump from United Airlines, stayed the night at an SFO airport hotel and got on a Saturday morning flight to Chicago.  When I finally arrived, I picked up a few travel tips from the sessions and one on one conversations.  I will try to cover some of the public travel tips I learned this week.  Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me.

Question… wouldn’t it be cool if you could see legroom for different flights on different airlines in Google Flights?  Yes, it is possible.  All you need to do is install the Legrooms extension to your Google Chrome browser.  I will walk you through all the steps the 1 step.  Also, while researching this post, I realized this was covered months ago by several travel blogs, but somehow I missed all those blog posts, so maybe this helps a few people like me.  Here is the basic Google Flights view:

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Alaska Airlines Changes No-Show Refund Policy

Just the other day, I received this email from Alaska Airlines and something caught my attention. It was the usual Check In For Your Flight email, but up at the top, even before my flight and confirmation information, was this notice about their updated no-show refund policy. They’ve made changes based on when you bought or last changed your ticket.

Here’s what you need to know!

If you’re going to miss your flight, let us know.

Learn about our updated no-show policy.

We’re dedicated to flying on time, minimizing any impacts of overbooking, and helping get seats for guests who need to travel at the last minute. To improve our ability to do these, we’re updating our no-show policy.

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Up to 50% Bonus when you Buy Alaska Airlines Miles (Expires Today!)

If you want extra Alaska Airlines miles, you better hurry! Today, October 5, is the last day to get in on this deal. It’s a great deal IF you were targeted and got the 50% bonus level. I unfortunately only got targeted for the 40% bonus. After all the good things I’ve said about Alaska Airlines they can’t show me 50% love :) A lucky family member got targeted at the 50% bonus level, so she’s already purchased her miles!

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Will you be at Aviation Geek Fest in Seattle this Weekend?

Buenos dias everyone, I’d love to know if any of our readers are going to be at Aviation Geek Fest this weekend! This unique event is hosted by the Institute of Flight (best known for the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour) with support from Airline Reporter, and is billed as “the most important event for commercial aviation fans from around world.”

The author (wearing a hoodie with yellow, orange, red, and grey stripes) standing in front of an airplane tail. The tail is orange with a grey numeral 8 in the background and the numbers 747 in white in the foreground.

Tonei standing in front of a Boeing 747-8i tail at Aviation Geek Fest 2016

Some highlights of this year’s schedule include:

  • A Friday night social on the Strato Deck at the Future of Flight Aviation Center, overlooking the Paine Field flight line
  • VIP tours of Boeing’s Everett and Renton aircraft facilities, as well as one of several aerospace engineering companies (I’m going to be visiting Esterline)
  • Opportunities to explore the Future of Flight Aviation Center and the Museum of Flight
  • Box lunch aboard a vintage American Airlines 727

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